"Trilobiti" Project
Art, Culture and Entertainment: "Outside Style"

Trilobiti is a brand, like McDonalds or Greenpeace. But it does not make hamburgers and it does not intend to save the planet.

It is a cultural reality, whose only scope is to arrive where the usual ones do not look, beyond the redundant and ephemeral.

Trilobiti lives, lasts and persists because it nourishes itself from that which is beautiful or from that which disappears, like that it is right that it happens, also to beautiful things.

It researchs the new like the old, but above all it hungers for unknown and unusual knowledge.

Trilobiti is not one or more individuals tired of the same cultural soup.

It is a community with a liberal circulation of ideas and thought. In the style of the salons of the 1800s or the French cafes of the 1920s, it intends to make itself the mouthpiece of new trends.

Trilobiti's point is to make culture an outing that is lived and alive.

(Translated by Vincent G. Racana)