Andrea Appetito | 15-01-2008 | ENG
(Translated by Anamaría Crowe Serrano)

Nuances of postmodern Russia from an Italian poet. Arcadij: a requiem cold as ice vodka. Cutting like a flash.

Arcadij made a hole in the water
In the bay of Saint Petersburg
And waited
He held the line in one hand
In the other he was wringing the neck of a bottle of vodka
A drop fell into the Baltic Sea
Under his feet
Behind him Saint Petersburg is sinking
The Vodka casts Arcadij’s hold loose, finger by finger
The line slips away
Into the hole
The sea monster tugs and escapes with the bait in its mouth
It does its triumphal march round the aquarium of the bay
A blinding display
Arcadij downs the last drop of vodka
White silence breaks
Arcadij falls asleep
His slab of ice breaks free from the rest
And floats away
With Arcadij



(January 15, 2008)
The audio version of Arcadij was recorded by
Music by Brando Lupi.

Andrea was born in Rome (1971).
As well as teaching, he writes prose, poetry, documentaries and short films.

In 2001-2002 he made the documentary “La Boda” in Bogota, and the performances “El juego de la boda” and “Cañonead con plátanos las máquinas de guerra”.
In Italy, in 2004, he filmed the documentary “Pierino. 12.06.04” (co-directed by Christian Carmosino).
The following year saw the release of his short film “Quién es Pilar” (co-directed by Christian Carmosino).

Altrastampa published his book Cluster Bomb in 2002.

His short stories have appeared in Derive & Approdi and in the newspaper Il Manifesto.

He is currently working on a show, “A Herança”, in Rio de Janeiro, which has been conceived and written with funding from the Brasilian Ministry of Culture (Rio Verde Produções).

For the past two years he has worked on a documentary on love and prison, called "Stratagemmi d'amore" (produced by University of Rome and co-directed by Christian Carmosino).