To write or not to write.
The problem with the Campiello prize

Federica De Maria | 25-03-2008 | ENG
“I’m dying to write”, confesses Valentina Brunettin. At 17 she won the Campiello Giovani prize, awarded to Italian writers under the age of 20. Now, at 27 she discovers she’d love to start again. This is the story of a culture that “consumes” talent all too quickly. continua italiano
Simenon-Trockij's interview
Maria Agostinelli | 25-11-2007 | ENG
The unpublished, or almost unpublished, Turkish adventure of Georges Simenon. As Paris-Soir's special envoy, the Belgian writer tells of his encounter with Communism. continua italiano
is the dark corner containing everything that has been dispersed due to the effects of time or neglect. You might find the forgotten author of a single book, a mad schemer and dreamer or an old side-street trattoria.