Made in Italy
Francesca Garofoli | 30-06-2008 | ENG
Four places tell the story of one country: Italy. From Genoa to Cogne, and Bologna to Palermo. Novels, theatre monologues and reports to give a voice to collective sentiments and negated realities. continua italiano

Embroidering the Truth
Letizia Mirabile | 30-06-2008 | ENG
The bittersweet humour and sharp sounds of the Sicilian language to tell the story of what is known as the “pizzo” business. A monologue. continua italiano

Who’s afraid of Beppe Grillo?
Maria Agostinelli | 30-06-2008 | ENG
The new face of Italian society is a comedian: Beppe Grillo. Pioneer, showman, communicator par excellence. But the “Grillo phenomenon” has yet to be fully understood. We spoke to Emilio Targia, journalist and spokesperson for Radio Radicale, co-author of Who’s afraid of Beppe Grillo? continua italiano

G8, hit and sunk
Francesca Garofoli | 30-06-2008 | ENG
Writing to right the facts. A novel told like a film. Your thumb ready to hit REC or PLAY, depending on whether the narrative is in the present or the past. This is how Roberto Ferrucci recovers the memory of what happened during those days in Genoa. continua italiano

The Key to Cogne
Federica De Maria | 30-06-2008 | ENG
How can a simple truth be hidden when a crime hits the media. Valentina Magrin takes us in search of the murder weapon in her book The Key to Cogne. It is the morning of 30 January 2002 in the locality of Montroz, in Cogne, Val d’Aosta, and young Samuele Lorenzi has just been murdered. Questions are still being asked today about how and why. continua italiano

In the aftermath, less politics, more math
E.vian | 22-04-2008 | ENG
How and why the four times tables or the abacus would have been enough to get us through the elections in Italy. continua italiano

Not us
Claudia Bonadonna | 25-11-2007 | ENG
A manifesto "against". Here's everything we don't want to be. All the stories we want to entrust to the future. The world is careless, fortuitous, mean. Not us. continua italiano

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