Anonimo | 27-12-2007 | ENG
Children? You want children? I donít like them.
Children. I donít feel so bad about it.
Plenty of other people like them and most children grow up so itís not as though Iíve decided against anyone for all time.
I just never know what to say to themÖ
I never was much a child myself and they scare me.
People always say that children tell the truth; but I donít think they do.
People say they tell the truth, but those people are stupid.
I donít think that children are truthful, just terribly candid.
Whenever Iím with one Iím afraid its going to point at me and say something humiliating.
Plus, theyíre boring. Intensely boring and youíre constantly being forced to marvel at the tedious things they do.
ďJohnny counted to five todayĒ. Five.
I donít know what to say to that. I stand there.
People hate me for that.
By the time Johnny gets to ten Iím out of their lives.
But if you want children we can have one, but you were talking in the abstractÖ
Written by a man upon a paper tablecloth in a restaurant in Bleecker Street.
Manhattan. N.Y.