A Ukrainian “kult” by Deresh
Gianfranco Franchi | 25-03-2008 | ENG
Welcome to the new free Ukraine. The Soviet nightmare is over. The enemy has flown, is vanquished, but hasn’t been defeated yet. From the pages of one of Ukraine’s youngest writers: Ljubko Deresh.
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Taking time out for some “ma”
Kimihito Okuyama | 15-01-2008 | ENG
With the pertinence of a haiku, Kimihito Okuyama takes us directly to the heart of modern philosophy through just one syllable: from Kitarô Nishida to Merleau-Ponty, from Dogen to Heidegger, touching on Husserl and Bergson.
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Photographing the War
Daniela Basso | 25-11-2007 | ENG
The paradox of every war, viewed within its own daily reality. Absurdity more prevalent than truth. Thoughts on the World Press Photo 2007.
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Code Books
is a window onto the world. That mysterious glance you get from a stranger. An untranslated author or a rediscovered translation. The cultural event well worth the trip or the rare find for curious travellers.